The Gift of a Healthier Home: Toxin-Free Gifts for the Holiday Season


This holiday season in Australia is extra special. If state and territory forecasts go according to plan, Australians will be able to gather together with greater ease during this holiday season! Now that is a wonderful and long-awaited gift for all! Along with this gift we will likely feel the desire to be festive and with many stores reopening before Christmas, holiday shopping for gifts and other items may resume with fervour. Lockdowns have given us time to reflect and perhaps the choices we used to make have changed for the better.

We have prioritised our health and safety regarding COVID-19 but did you know that we can also make healthier choices regarding the gifts we purchase and the items we use in our homes?

DETOXDEN makes choosing gifts, homewares and items for everyone, including mums and their little ones, healthier and easier. We do this by only selling products that do not contain chemicals that are known to potentially cause harm to health, aka toxins.

Homewares and gifts with less toxins means you are making a conscious purchase that is better for your health and the health of your loved ones. Now that is a gift in itself!

If this year you are wanting that extra special and not to mention, beautifully crafted gift that supports your health and the health of those you care about, consider these gorgeous items from DETOXDEN:

100% Pure Beeswax Candles:

Light up your Christmas or Chanukah with 100% pure beeswax candles by Ben's Bees. For that festive flair they come in some unique designs such as Pine Cone and Rustic Fern Ball! Bring that wintery wilderness feeling into your home space. These candles burn clean and stable and do not contain any fragrances or essential oils which may be the best candle you can buy for your sensitive loved one and for homes that have babies and small animals that may react to artificial or even natural essential oil fragrances.

Non-Toxic Toys for Kids:

These thoughtfully made little toys for children by Anamalz are too cute for their own BPA and phthalate free boots! These toy animals are so thoughtfully created that they bring playtime to life... glues without formaldehyde, water-based paints, dyes that are free from the most common carcinogens AND these little characters are so expressive you can count on imaginative play for the child within, oh wait these are made for kids...

Handmade Natural Soap:

Bring a sense of calm to the holiday season chaos with natural soaps by Nude Naturel crafted with organic dried flowers, organic oils, vegan, no palm oils or propylene glycol, sulfate-free, no triclosan or synthetic fragrances. YES to pampering and YES to handcrafted gifts that beautify without unpleasant ingredients.

DETOXDEN has carefully and thoughtfully selected a range of beautifully crafted items that make gifting yourself or the special people in your life a pleasurable experience that is better for your health and the health of your home.

Explore DETOXDEN's website for many more gorgeous toxin-free gifts including:

Organic cotton tea towels
Plant-based plastic-free children's dinnerware
Organic cotton throws
Door stops made with organic inks and more...


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