Hemp Linen Shower Curtain — Cactus Rose

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This shower curtain is made with organic hemp fabric which is naturally resistant to mildew, fungi and bacteria. Changing even a little thing like your shower curtain can improve your indoor air quality and may reduce chemicals in your home. 

Key Features:

Hemp is also extremely strong, durable, absorbing and quick drying.

It's a great alternative to the vinyl (polyvinyl chloride, PVC) shower curtains which are difficult to recycle and become toxic waste, burned, or get dumped in landfills.

These hemp shower curtains will also stop water from spraying outside your shower without a plastic liner. 

**Please note that shower curtains are made to order to minimise waste, so from order it can take 10-14 days or more before your order is dispatched.**

How to Use:

Hemp shower curtains have a natural resistance to mildew and bacteria and can be machine washed to clean any grime buildup. 

After machine-washing simply hang the curtain up to dry, any wrinkles will disappear during showering. 

It's recommend that your bathroom has good airflow so your hemp shower curtain drys between uses. 


Standard = Width 145cm, Length 182cm

Long = Width 145cm, Length 240cm